Universal Logistica is a company dedicated to Transport and Logistics, oriented towards covering all the customers needs along the entire supply chain.

Our understanding of logistics is to be the bridge or link between production and market, we take care of connecting production and market through proper techniques and service, allowing the integration of all the the supply chain processes.

We offer a comprehensive logistics, enabling our customers gain competitive advantage, both by the level of service and cost effectiveness.

Our personalized service allows our customers to deliver their products in the right place and time, in the best of conditions.

We are a team of professionals with extensive training and experience in the sector, including a team of international fix collaborators, consistent with the strategic and organizational needs of our customers.

Safety in both transport and facilities play an important part of our resources, being innovation and continuous improvement the engine of our organization.

We care about the environment, contributing to nature’s maintenance.



All our vehicles have satellite mobile communication systems GSM and GPS satellite

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